A glipse into his Career...

Brixton Karnes

Brixton was born on February 5, 1960, in Syosset, New York, USA. Since his early childhood, he participated in short commercials which put the beginning of an acting career. in 1987, after trying himself in theatre and other commercials in New York Brixton moved to Los Angeles for more opportunities (full of joy and expectations).

According to IMDB his first TV appearance as an actor was in The Twilight Zone (TV Series) in 1986. He became a well-known actor (from my perspective) after another TV series Team Knight Rider which was shot in 1997-1998 (I watched this one in 2000, it was very good). In Team Knight Rider he played the main character - Kyle Stewart. The other movies where he performs as a leading actor was Hidden Agenda and Power Play (never seen these). The last record of Brixton's acting is Without a Trace (TV Series) Lost Time in 2005.

In 2004 Brixton showed some interest in tattoos which led him in receiving almost a whole body tattoo from three (as I know) different artists. He travelled a bit and was winning some Tattoos competitions (I hope it improved his self-confidence).

Brixton definitely liked the sports, so I have seen some records of him getting Pilates Instructor Certificate and a Certificate of a Breathing facilitator. He used to work in one of Los Angeles Fitness Centres.

On May 16th, 2012 Brixton passed away from complications of untreated pneumonia. As far as I know he was healthy to the last bit but still a goner.